$10,000 Down Payment Assistance Loan
WOW!  30 yr Fixed!

(5.293 Annual Percentage Rate*)
A true "no money down" possibility

*Most lenders bury the small print at the bottom because they really don't want you to
read it. They also only quote APRs based on a 20% down payment with no PMI (private mortgage insurance) so the APR looks better. We're different.  We know that most people getting FHA loans are only going to put down 3.5% and there will be an upfront as well as monthly mortgage insurance. We have included this in our APR calculation above because
we believe you should have a realistic view of your financing costs. Its just how we do things here.

What is the one thing that stops most buyers from buying a home today?
They don't have enough money for down payment and closing costs to buy a home

Well, we have the solution. The BMC Homestead Loan

You can now get up to $10,000 at closing to help towards your down payment and
closing costs. Combined with seller assist, this reduces the amount of money
needed substantially.

Here's how it works: 
You must be eligible for a PHFA first mortgage (We will let
you know if you are) and select a home in one of the following townships:

Abington, Bristol, Conshohocken Borough, Haverford, Limerick,
Lower Merion, Limerick, Norristown or Upper Darby

The assistance comes as a 2nd mortgage with no payments, no interest and if
you stay in the home at least 5 years, you never have to pay it back, the $10,000
is completely forgiven!

Look at this real life example of the type of loans we do for our clients
based on a home recently listed on the market in Bristol Township:

           Sales Price $175,000


 Payment Info     

Closing Costs




Down Payment

$  6,125



Total cash needed


Ho Ins

$ 54.17

Less Seller Assist




Less Lender Assist


Monthly Total


Final cash needed

     $ 0

30 Years Fixed

Yes, you read that correctly and this is not a bait & switch. We routinely help families
buy homes with NO Money using this program. You will need some money upfront to
take the home off the market and pay for an appraisal but these can be refunded to you
at closing from the $10,000.00 assistance.

You can not have owned a home in the past 3 years to be eligible for this loan
program. There are also some restrictions on sales price ($292,600), income
(Based on family size) and assets. Call us so we can see if you qualify.

I have helped many buyers with this and it is a great program! 

Despite the recent downturn, owning a home is still the best investment for almost
everyone. When purchased and financed correctly, owning a home is almost a
"Can't Lose" investment. Now, with the BMC Homestead loan, you can start on your
path to financial security with little to no money of your own.

As always, please feel free to call our 24 hour Hotline 1-888-929-9445.

Dan Carnation
Sr. Loanologist
Boulevard Mortgage Company
NMLS Lender ID 145809